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Digitalization Platform Enabling Fast Results.

Collect and unify the data from diverse sources and create digital twins of industrial assets. Set up intelligence and bring learning and predictions to daily operations. Visualize everything and enrich decision-making processes.

Supporting enterprises in their digital transformation.

We Are Helping Businesses With Industrial AI.

WolkAbout addresses the requirements for the new-age technology stack, providing all the necessary elements for building AI-powered digital solutions and delivering future-proof applications with reduced cost, risk and vendor lock.

WolkAbout digital solutions utilize industrial AI and ML data modelling
to generate actionable business insights for a wide range of industries.

Assisting Companies Become Data-Driven.

Perfected operations, reduced downtime, and optimized processes.

Captured data and generated insights enable better business strategies.

Optimized procedures, decreased suspensions, and better-managed assets lead to stronger balance sheets.

Real-time operations monitoring recognizes potential hazards and triggers proactive measures.

Improved communications and enabled better coordination.

Reduced environmental impact through more efficient resource use and decreased waste.

Improved Efficiency

Better Decision Making

Cost Savings

Increased Safety

Enhanced Collaboration

Improved Sustainability

The Benefits of Digitalized Business.

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Contact WolkAbout.

Speak with us and tell us how we can help you on your digital transformation journey!

WolkAbout understood all our needs. Specialists in digital transformation working with their technology helped us significantly in finding and implementing our digital products and solutions.

Goran Rebic - CEO - Adriateh

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