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Many Features in One Package.

Integrated, reliable, scalable, enterprise-grade MQTT broker.

Connecting with any shop floor devices like Edge Gateways and PLCs.

The Unified Namespace presents a central repository with a hierarchical enterprise structure.

Robust and easy-to-use data administration for modelling and storing context data objects.

Streaming data to any cloud or standardized network protocol.

Digital twin technology for simulation, integration, testing, and monitoring of physical assets.

Connecting with any legacy system, ERP, MES, CMMS, enterprise cloud or proprietary software.

Role Based Access Control for the most secure and efficient management of users and their roles.

Integrating domain expertise using low code AI/ML algorithm creation utilizing purposely built DSL.

Dashboards with widget-based visualization of any data in the ecosystem.

Public Cloud

Private Cloud


At the Edge

Size ranges from small-scale deployments (at the Edge) to full-scale cloud options that optimally use a container tech or VMs.
Deployments from AWS and Azure marketplaces are available.

Deployable Wherever Customer Wants.

WolkAbout stands out from other vendors. The scalability and independence of their Platform are a great advantage. The quality of technical components and support of their Team are also excellent. For example, platforms based on AWS or Azure components provide fewer degrees of freedom for a higher cost.

Thijs Teerlink, Royal Eijkelkamp

Any Enterprise/Legacy System



Capture the data from ANY source.

The Power of Unified Data

WolkAbout Platform incorporates a concept of unifying all the data and information in an organization, ensuring the ultimate scalability of any digital transformation strategy. With this feature, digital change is smooth and universal.

Integrated AI & Learning Tools

WolkAbout Platform's Logic Engine uses the neural network concept to identify data patterns and trends, thus enabling prediction and forecasting, improving operational efficiency, performance and quality.

Visualized KPIs For Next-Gen Decisions

The visualization service module integrates widget-based dashboard interfaces, which display a business's structure and events. All data and information in an organization are available in one place on both web and mobile devices.

Interfaces to other clouds

Libraries and SDKs

Open-source frontend

WolkAbout Platform Modules Overview

Digitalization Swiss Knife.

WolkAbout Platform is an enterprise digitalization software suite.
It delivers all the features and functionalities needed for building complex enterprise digital solutions. It serves as the heart of successful digital transformation.

Platform & Tenants

  • Manage instance configuration and services;

  • Manage locales, time zones and regional settings;

  • Administer licence, billing and upgrade options;

  • Manage Tenants in Multi-tenancy mode(available in Advanced Platform & Tenants Module);

  • Manage White-Label options per tenant;

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