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AI and IoT Blended

With its range of backend modules, including Edge Data Connectivity, Unified Namespace, AI/Machine Learning and integrated dashboards, WolkAbout AIoT Platform supplies all epicentre functionalities for successful digital transformation.

Visualization Service

Logic Engine

Unified Data Manager

Users & Settings

Devices & Edge

Platform & Tenants

Unlimited Data Flows.

Module: Platform & Tenants


  • Support for different devices, data and protocols (including legacy ones)

  • Connect to any industrial asset - PLC, DCS, SCADA, Historian, sensor

  • Support for non-IP-compatible protocols (Modbus, Profinet, Bluetooth, Z-Wave) Integrated SDKs for embedded development in various programming languages

  • LPWAN-ready for ultra-low bandwidth infrastructure

  • Gateways (De)provision, monitoring, configuration and control

  • Support for device file management, processing edge events and remote troubleshooting

Deployable anywhere.

At the Edge


Private Cloud

Public Cloud

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