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Agriculture 4.0



Water Management

Smart City

Energy 4.0

Oil & Gas 4.0

Industry 4.0

Tailored For Various Industries.

True Integration Partner Covers All Tasks.

WolkAbout's customers stay focused on their core business needs and don't need to keep pace with ever-changing infrastructure, scalability options, data privacy or tech stack. A digital project is handled by just one vendor, working from beginning to completion, without the involvement of any other third party.

Wolkabout's team is very professional and enthusiastic, carrying extensive technical knowledge, a rare find today.
Excellent communication and synchronized teamwork would perfectly describe our continuous cooperation.

Bouke Siebenga - CEO - Friday Energy

Accelerated Delivering And Competitive Pricing.

WolkAbout usually delivers a digital solution within 1 to 6 months with vital bits and pieces included, pre-tested, and standardized. TCO is 2-5 times lower than average. The development process is agile, with no-risk deployment and the highest transparency.

Every Day and Cent Count.
Digital Solutions From WolkAbout.

WolkAbout provides its customers with digital transformation End-to-End solutions in selected industries with significantly reduced hassle, costs, resources and time. Delivered within 1 to 6 months with TCO 2-5 times lower than average. 

Digital Solutions based on WolkAbout technology are free from using any external service or provider. They are incorporated with brownfield infrastructure, integrated with existing enterprise applications and deployed where the customer wants - on-premise, server farm (data centre), in any public or private cloud, or as a multi-layered hybrid. This concept gives customers freedom without vendor lock and complete data control.

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