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Next-Gen Tech Stack

Digitalization Swiss Knife

WolkAbout Platform is an enterprise data integration platform.
It delivers all the functionalities usually found in several separate platforms from different vendors. It serves as the heart of successful digital transformation.

WolkAbout Platform Modules Overview

Unlimited Connectivity and Data Flows.

Platform & Tenants

  • Manage instance configuration and services;

  • Manage locales, time zones and regional settings;

  • Administer licence, billing and upgrade options;

  • Manage Tenants in Multi-tenancy mode(available in Advanced Platform & Tenants Module);

  • Manage White-Label options per tenant;

Public Cloud

Private Cloud


At the Edge

Size ranges from small-scale deployments (at the Edge) to full-scale cloud options that optimally use a container tech or VMs.
Deployments from AWS and Azure marketplaces are available.

Deployable Wherever Customer Wants.

IIoT Unified Namespace

Multiple Platforms in One

Cloud-native set of backend modules - microservices, includes container orchestrators and auto-scaling. Included are Edge Device Connectivity platform, IIoT Unified Namespace, Data Historian, AI/Machine Learning module, and integrated dashboards for data and KPI visualizations. 

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